Hi, I'm Kayla

I help brilliant Christian women (like you!) design a purpose-filled life you absolutely LOVE.

So you can STOP feeling like life is passing you by and START living your God-given potential.

You’re a Christian woman trying to do all the things and do them well, but many days you feel like you are failing at them all.

You feel so overwhelmed that you procrastinate (hello Netflix!) and then beat yourself up for not doing “enough”.

You feel so overwhelmed that you procrastinate (hello Netflix!) and then beat yourself up for not doing “enough”.

You know in your heart you were created for a purpose & that there’s got to be more to life than this, but it’s hard to TAKE ACTION and actually make it happen without a clear direction.

Your brain keeps coming up with all the reasons why you can’t and so you stay STUCK feeling like you are wasting your life.

That's EXACTLY why I created

Purposeful Action Coaching...

To take you from feeling stuck in a rut to taking clear, consistent action!

for over a decade, I have been helping women make progress on their personal goals. Over the years I have discoverd that

no matter whether the goal is to….

  • Lose weight

  • Start or scale a business

  • Create financial freedom

  • Find a romantic partner

  • Get your house in order (literally or figuratively)

It's your thinking that keeps you from achieving the things you want most.

And I totally get it

I've been there. Like you, I held myself back for YEARS.

I understand exactly how pursuing your goals & dreams makes your “inner critic” have a hay-day.

That negative chatter in your brain keeps you from being, doing, and having more of what you want.

I also know the keys to overcoming it.

And that’s why it’s my life’s work to help you do the same, because I know first hand the astounding difference it makes in your life.

how it all started...

I always envied the people that knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up.

I grew up thinking that you went to school, made good grades, went to college, hopefully got a good job that paid the bills, maybe started a family and took a vacation every once in a while...and that was about it.

I never really felt like I had a true “passion” or “purpose” much less considered designing a life I loved.

After college, I took an unfulfilling job that didn't pay well.

I made the mistake of thinking that as long I was helping and giving to others I would be fulfilled, but that didn’t work.

So I did what those of us that love to learn do...I decided to go back to school and get a master’s degree.

And when I graduated, you know what I did?

I took an unfulfilling job that didn’t pay well.

Sure, I had a fancy degree, but nothing had really changed...except now time had marched 2 more years across my face,

and I had a heap of student loan debt.

Deep down I knew there was supposed to be more to life than this, but I didn't know what it was .

I decided to go to work on myself.

I started reading personal development books, listening to inspirational podcasts and my mindset began to shift.

I began to believe that I could design a life worth getting excited about, live on my own terms, and actually make it happen.

Years earlier I had lost 30 pounds and becoming healthy & fit had suc

h a positive impact on my life that I realized I really wanted to help people achieve their health & fitness goals.

I decided to become a certified personal trainer, quit my sucky 9-5 job, and start my own business.

For 6 whole months after I received my certification I did nothing with it.

I was paralyzed with the thoughts that I wasn’t “fit enough” to be taken seriously and I didn’t know enough to start a business (even though I had that fancy MBA).

Then something awesome happened.

I summoned the courage to admit I needed some help and did a free mini session with a coach.

For about 10 minutes he listened to me wallow in my perfectionism and then finally he said something I will never forget…

“How many people could be helped and be living better lives if you would just get over yourself?”

That simple question was the push I needed and the next day I started creating my personal training business.

(BTW, one of the BEST ways to silence your inner critic is to STOP focusing on yourself and START focusing on the impact you want to make).

Things dramatically changed for me.

I started living by design and not by default.

i went from….

  • Work that sucked to being my own boss & doing work I loved.

  • People pleasing to learning how to say no and actually asking for what I want.

  • Swimming in debt to completely consumer debt-free.

  • Being afraid to fail to attempting a marathon.

And then, after a heartbreaking loss that reshaped my world…

every day I had to make a choice whether to truly live or merely exist.

But the truth is we all make that choice every day, whether we realize it or not.

So I decided to devote my work to

Simple errors in thinking repeated over time hold you back from taking the steps necessary to reach your goals and design a life you LOVE

the good news?

You can overcome it, and I can teach you how.

You were created for a purpose.

I believe you can make it happen.

Let's do this!

To Find out how coaching can help you design a life you love, schedule a free,

no-obligation consultation.


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