Kayla Eggenberger

Calling all amazing, goal-oriented women…

What would your life be like if you quit waiting for things to be perfect and…just decided to go for it?


You’re lying awake in bed…

with a pit in your stomach feeling like everyone else is out there doing some really cool stuff while life is just passing you by?

You know there's MORE to life than this...

that you are capable of doing more and having more but you aren't 100% sure WHAT the heck that is or HOW to get it.

First, please know you are NOT alone.

I work with amazing women, like you, that believe they were created for great things.

The only problem is you feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and like life is passing you by because perfectionism has robbed you from realizing your God-given potential.


Even though you are smart, gifted, and oh-so-capable you haven’t created the life you crave because you…

  • Are waiting until there is more money in the bank, you have more time, or for things to change before you pursue your dream.

  • Read books telling you to live your purpose but you’re not super clear on what that is yet.

  • Wish you could just be one of those lucky people born knowing exactly what you wanted to be when you “grew up.”

  • Are stuck in analysis paralysis procrasti-watching Netflix instead of taking action.

  • Are constantly overwhelmed with ALL THE THINGS and don’t know where to start.

  • Are afraid of making a change, letting other people down, and what everyone else will think.

  • Feel like you don't have ENOUGH...(time, resources, ability)...or worse, that YOU are not enough.

  • Love planning & learning but you’re still not making your important goals happen.

I get it.

I’ve been there....done that... got the T-shirt.

If you are anything like me you’ve probably thought,

“Who am I to ______________?”

But really, who are you NOT to?


Friend, it’s time to be free.

Free from the fear of letting people down and what they might think.

Free from overthinking.

Free to make a mistake

Free to create the life you truly want.


And it’s time to get that pit out of your stomach by getting out of your head & taking action.

But not just ANY kind of action. I'm NOT talking about the busy work you've been doing that makes you FEEL like you are doing something important…

(hello personal development book junkie!)

…I'm talking about ACTUALLY doing things that are important... that get your business off the ground and...

by having a clear direction, a legit plan, and following through even when it gets messy and doesn't look exactly the way you thought it would.


That’s exactly why I created

Purposeful Action Coaching.

Purposeful Action Coaching is…

personalized coaching program designed to help you tame your “inner gremlin” and get over yourself so you can go from stuck and overwhelmed to taking clear, consistent action on the things that matter most.

I meet you right where you are and walk WITH YOU through this 3 step process so you get everything you need to be successful with…

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions where we meet-one-on-one, taking you from trapped in perfectionism to the freedom and ability to create the life you crave.

  • Email + messaging support between sessions so you never have to go it alone. You’ll have a mindset coach & M.B.A in your virtual back-pocket whenever you need me. This means your progress never stops while we are working together.

  • Expert guidance so you always know the next step to take...no more going around in circles or getting stuck.

  • Accountability so you stay the course even if the road gets a little rough.

  • Extraordinary encouragement & support from good old fashioned cheerleading to a kick in the pants...I’ve got your back!

What all of this means to you is…

you go from wandering around in the dark alone to locking arms with a guide that has a big ‘ol flashlight helping you uncover your purpose & get to the happy, exciting life you’ve been missing.


Here’s how it works…

Step One

You change the thoughts that have you stuck, frustrated and feeling like a failure so you can finally tell that inner gremlin to “shut the hell up” and start doing what you were created to do. You’ll be able to make decisions without feeling like there’s a ping pong ball going back and forth in your head. With renewed energy you’ll be excited & ready to pursue your goals.

Step Two

You learn how to create a life you are excited about and feel the peace of finally knowing what the heck you are doing in life.

You’ll have an plan to actually make your goals a reality so you can spend your time & energy on what is truly important instead feeling of guilty for wasting time on small things that don’t really matter. You will stop burnout once and for all...because seriously, life is too damn short to live that way.

Step Three

We focus on the key to achieving your goals & living the life you want: taking consistent, imperfect action. You will feel braver, stronger, and more free as you experience the joy that comes from living your purpose & using your potential. Master this and you will become unstoppable.


I have a super power.

I’m the catalyst that gets people taking action on their goals. I help you tame your inner gremlin and break down what initially seems impossible into doable steps. Then I add in just the right amount of encouragement & tough love to propel you forward.

But ironically, I struggled with taking action on my own goals for years. I totally get how perfectionist thinking keeps you from being, doing, and having all the things you are capable of. From the outside it may look like everything is great, but no one knows how unfulfilled you feel and how much you are holding back.


That’s why after breaking free from perfectionism and experiencing an unparalleled life of fulfillment & possibility, I am committed to helping people truly live.


With Purposeful Action Coaching you not only have a proven process, but you have a powerful partner that gives you the personalized attention you need and walks with you STEP BY STEP to experience success.

You were created for a purpose.

I believe you can make it happen.

Why not start today?

Investment $2,000


Still have questions about Purposeful Action Coaching? Email me at kayla@coachingwithkayla.com or click here to schedule a free Next Steps Consultation call.

My Commitment To You

Signing up for coaching can be EXCITING (hello possibility!) but also a little scary.

You may be wondering…

  • What if this doesn’t work for me?

  • What if I end up not liking it?

  • What if it’s”too good to be true”?

I believe in the amazing transformation coaching creates so much that I’ve decided to make it a risk-free, no-brainer for you to get started. After 3 sessions if you don’t think coaching has the power to change your life, I will refund your money in full…quickly, easily, and with no hassle.

What previous clients are saying…

“Thank you so much again!! So much clarity and 100 times better from where I was 3 months ago. Back then I was confused, lost… had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted but not really. You’ve helped me so much to straighten out a lot of things in my life…my home, marriage, and now possibly a new career. I’m looking forward to the rest of this year and the years to come!”


“Because of the mix of understanding, but yet honest feedback and direction, there is something about Kayla that makes you feel like you can do it, and that you’re already halfway up that mountain you see before you, and before you know it, you’re on the other side.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you did. I am still confident and I feel good. I workout almost every day and I try to stay conscious about what I put in my body. I am still working at it every single day. And it is really all thanks to you. You came into my life when I was hating the way I felt about myself. Without your support, I would still be stuck in that place. You helped me so much, not only to lose weight and become healthier but you were also there to listen to me and pick me back up when I felt down. That coaching call every Thursday was what gave me that push to make it through my eating and workouts the next week so that I could give you good news on the call. It has been a hectic time and there were many ups and downs but because of you I feel good about myself again. You really made a huge impact on my life and I can’t thank you enough.


“While working with Kayla, I was able to meet my goals. I believe I was finally successful with making a lifestyle change because for the first time, I had a coach that was willing to talk about the psychology and underlying motivation for the bad choices I was making. We were able to address those issues, and turn bad choices into good ones.”