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You’re an amazing goal-oriented woman that believes you you were created for great things. The only problem is you feel like…

  • Life is freakin’ crazy and you don’t have time to set goals...much less make them happen

  • In those rare moments you do sit down to work creating the life you want, you have no idea what to focus on

  • You want to enjoy the time with your kids & family but feel like there’s just so much to do

  • You are exhausted and nothing is working the way you want it to

  • During your “free” moments your brain is so fried you completely crash or veg out with <insert favorite snack here>

  • Laughing hysterically when someone mentions “self-care”

  • You are constantly pulled in different directions, someone always needs something, and there’s just nothing left to give (much less make your dreams happen).


 That’s exactly why I created the FREE 5 Day To-do List Detox, so you can…

  • Have the time and energy to work on your goals and dreams that are constantly put on the back burner.

  • Go from exhausted to energized.

  • Feel totally happy about how you spent your precious day instead of drained and wondering where the heck the time went

  • Be able to enjoy the present moment without thinking of all the other stuff you “should” be doing


The FREE 5 Day To-do List Detox is different.

I’m not simply giving you some planner sheets to fill in and telling you to figure it out on your own.

I walk you step-by-step through the exact process I personally use and teach my clients…so you not only get practical planning strategies so you can get things done, you get CLEAR on where you want to focus your time and energy.

PLUS, you’ll get expert mindset coaching to help you get more peace and freedom in your day.

So if you feel overwhelmed and don’t even know what to focus on in those rare moments you have to actually working on creating the life you want, get ready to feel like you are rocking it like a boss.


Hi, I’m Kayla and I have a super-power.

I’m the catalyst that gets you taking action and kicking butt on your goals. I help you tame your “inner gremlin” and break down what initially seems impossible into doable steps.

Then I add in just the right amount of encouragement & tough love to propel you forward.


When you sign up for the FREE 5 Day To-do List Detox you’ll…

  • Know exactly what to work on each day.

  • Quit feeling guilty about thinking about work when you are with your loved ones.

  • Feel the peace that comes from having more control over your time (and life!).


The FREE 5 Day To-do List Detox is an online training series + action guide.

When you sign up, you’ll get an email from me with a link to the Day 1 video + a link to download the companion action guide.

First, you’ll download and print the action guide. Then you’ll get to work watching the first video where you will learn what to expect from the training and your Day 1 action items. I show you step by step what to do so you can start creating your stress-free action plan immediately.

Twenty-four hours later, you’ll receive link to the Day 2 video in your inbox. Each day is unlocked every 24 hours until you have access to all 5 days.

And I’m in your virtual backpocket if you have questions. Simply reply to any email and I will personally respond (BTW there ARE stupid questions and I LOVE them…so send me any question you’ve got! No question goes unanswered).

After Day 5, you’ll have a doable, stress-free action plan so you can start creating a life you love.


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 What clients are saying about To-Do List Detox…

“I feel so much lighter…life feels so much less chaotic.”

“This has changed my life and my stress!!”